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carpet flooringDiscover a better way to shop for residential carpet flooring by stepping directly into our flooring showroom. Unlike any other area carpet store, our showroom is organized to be accessible to potential customers looking to update their homes. We serve homeowners that want revamp one room, as well as business owners that need a full square footage update. For carpeting brands like Karastan, Stanton, Mohawk, and more, visit our showroom.

Are you unsure where to start when it comes to carpet shopping? Our team of sales professionals is always available to help you find the right look for your home but we are also able to let you explore our carpet collections on your own. We are happy to guide you every step of the way—from selection to design to carpet installation.

Experience the Advantages of Carpeting

Innovations in the carpet manufacturing process have made this option better than ever before. From high-traffic areas to pet-friendly homes, your new carpets can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Our flooring store carries highly esteemed brands, manufactured with technology that resists spills, improves air quality, and feels more comfortable than ever.

Rely on our carpet specialists to show you samples made from wool, cotton, and mixed synthetic fibers so you can feel for yourself just how various your options are. Some of the greatest advantages of carpeting include:

  • Acting as an Air Filter
  • Cushioning Your Feet
  • Preventing Sound from Traveling in the Space
  • Adding Beauty and Color to Home Décor
  • Creating a Warmer House
  • Strength and Stain Resistance
  • Enhancing Your Design Decisions
  • Adding to the Value of Your Home
  • Being Easy to Clean
  • Resisting Wear in High Traffic Areas
  • Being an Eco-Friendly Material

What Is Berber Carpet and Is It Right for You?

Discover a new way to add character and comfort to your home. At our carpet store, you’ll enjoy access to hundreds of different products manufactured by trusted brand names. We carry carpets of all shapes, sizes, and consistencies, making it easy for shoppers to find just what they need. Of all of our products, however, Berber carpeting is one of the most popular.

Are you shopping for a sturdy carpet, but unwilling to compromise on the price? In general, Berber carpeting is more affordable than other types of plush and Oriental rugs. Shoppers on budgets prefer Berber-style carpets because they deliver the best value per dollar spent; place yours anywhere in your home or business, and enjoy beautiful color and texture for years to come.

The term “Berber carpeting” usually refers to the hand-woven pieces created by North Africa and Sahara Berbers, who are native populations to those areas. There’s a reason Berber carpeting is one of our most popular products. For thousands of years, the Berbers of North Africa have created these carpets using unique weaving techniques. These techniques gave Berber carpets their distinctive textures, which come from different knot styles and sizes. When you bring home one of these amazing pieces, you’ll bring home a product like no other.

Many of today’s Berber carpets are created by industrial means. This means that our flooring store is able to stock many dynamic versions of these carpets suitable for use anywhere. Take your pick of bright colors and distinctive patterns. Additionally, Berber carpeting stands up well to everyday use. It’s thick and sturdy, enabling it to resist damage caused by frequent, everyday use. This makes it an excellent choice for areas that see plenty of foot traffic, such as hallways and offices. Place a Berber carpet in the busiest part of your building and never worry about it wearing down, fading, or developing patches.

Green Select Products from Our Carpet Store

With climate change and carbon footprints in the news today, you may wonder how you can incorporate sustainability into your home or business. Let our carpet store help you take the first step. By shopping at our flooring gallery, it’s easy to make a choice that not only fits your budget, but does right by the earth on which we live.

Our company categorizes products by their eco-friendly nature. The materials used in the manufacturing of many we carry qualify them for this designation. If you are an eco-conscious homeowner or business owner committed to making responsible decisions for your property, a green select product is for you. Carpet flooring only qualifies for this category if it is recycled, is made from recycled content, and is made from sustainable, natural, or renewable resources.

Carpet Installation from Our Qualified Professionals

If you’re a visual learner, you’re likely familiar with the difference samples can make in decorating projects. For example, when you hold up a paint swatch to your home or business’s walls, it’s usually easier to make a decision. That’s why our flooring store offers shoppers an easier way to compare and contrast flooring options from the palms of their hands. The best way to make a purchase with confidence is to see samples in your actual space. We encourage you to schedule a free estimate with us. A sales professional will bring several samples that you can see in your location. The lighting in the room, your current home décor, and your budget helps you make a choice with confidence. Once we have narrowed down the options, our sales professionals will calculate an estimate for the cost of carpeting your home.

Purchasing new carpeting is an exciting decision for everyone. We share your excitement, and we want to ensure your latest investment looks and performs as intended. That’s why we offer professional carpet installation. It’s easy to increase the lifespan of your flooring by turning to our shop for assistance. Securing professional installation is as important as choosing high-quality carpets. For long-lasting looks with no ensuring quality issues, we recommend you allow our professionals to protect your investment. Thanks to years of installation experience, our team is capable of properly stretching carpet, putting down padding, and putting any essential seams in less prominent areas.



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