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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Floors in San Mateo, CA

hardwood flooringRely on our flooring specialists to help you transform your home affordably and conveniently. Adding new solid or engineered hardwood flooring is one of the most effective and efficient ways to upgrade the appeal and value of your home. Hardwood floors have become an extremely popular choice for many homeowners who have shopped our stunning hardwood collections.

Change your home from fab to drab with a complete redo of your home’s flooring. We make decorating with new wood floors easy with our wide selection of options that include different species, colors, finishes, and grain patterns. Our associates are experts at listening to your opinion and determining exactly what flooring features best fit your needs.

In many cases, hardwoods are what we recommended because they are beautiful, classic, and long-lasting. This investment in your home will pay off for years to come. Choose from among numerous options at our well-stocked showroom and store.

Solid Hardwood Flooring for Classic Style

For a classic look that sets any room or area off in a good light, choose solid hardwood flooring. This hardwood is the type that is found in most homes, especially older and historic residences. Choose this type of hardwood and you get exactly what the name implies because it's made from solid wood. Both prefinished and unfinished styles are available. If you choose prefinished, we can customize the stain according to your specific requests.

This flooring gives a timeless look to the interior of any home. Whether the architectural style of your home is rustic, contemporary, craftsman, traditional, Victorian, bungalow, or something else, solid hardwood floors are the ideal complement for it.

Made to Last: Engineered Hardwood Flooring

The hardwood that our company sells comes in a number of styles, including hand-scraped and engineered wood. We are seeing an increase in sales of engineered hardwood because it is eco-friendly, made to last, and is beautiful as well. As its name suggests, engineered hardwood flooring is a hybrid of natural and synthetic components. It is made of a core of stacked wood layers with a top layer made from the hardwood that you love.

If you're looking for a more budget-friendly wood floor option, engineered hardwood is the one. It allows you to enjoy a more luxurious look in your home but for an affordable price. It is strong and does not warp in moisture-prone areas, so it can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. You can use the money you save on this type of floor to cover the cost of other materials for your redecorating or remodeling project. Other reasons why our clients love Mannington, Armstrong, and Mohawk hardwood flooring include:

  • The Core Layer Made of Recycled Materials
  • The Use of Fewer Trees in Manufacturing
  • Durability and Stability
  • Easy Installation of the Planks
  • Strength Against Temperature Changes
  • Fewer Changes from Expansion Due to Humidity

Hardwood Flooring Stain and Finishing Options

Finding the right wood for your floor also includes the color, species, and finishes that suit your aesthetic preferences. Once you decide on the wood you prefer, tell us the type of stain and finishing that matches your sensibility. Our store carries more than just one type of hardwood. We stock pine, oak, and other species with different stain and finish options to give you the glossiness you prefer. Our flooring is defined by its glossiness and we can direct you toward higher or lower sheens depending on what you prefer.

It is worth noting that gloss levels have different care routines but our sales professionals can keep you informed. Whether you visit our showroom or book an appointment for an in-home consultation, you will find the right look for your new engineered or solid hardwood flooring.

Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation

New floors are an investment, so you want your floors to look great from the start. We also offer hardwood flooring installation to our clients, no matter the size of the job. Rely on us to follow an established installation process to make sure that your hardwood floors are both attractive and durable. We prep the area my measuring its length and width, which also helps us make sure we have enough wood for the project. If any sub-flooring or other substrate material is needed, we install it. We also clean the area and remove any debris that might adversely affect the floor level.

Next, we lay out the pattern of the hardwood flooring so that we know in which direction the planks should face. We move on to actually laying the wood, making sure to carefully align each plank. Using the highest quality nails available, we secure each piece of wood to create a floor that's as level as possible. Although it requires a lot of attention to detail, hardwood flooring installation doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. Our installation rates are the best in town. Our pledge is, “To provide you with a level of personalized service that is matched by any home improvement center or other flooring store – and to do everything in our power to earn your trust, business and recommendation to your friends.”

Hardwood Refinishing and Repair Services from the Pros

Have your existing hardwood floors lost their luster? We are professionals that are familiar with analyzing the condition of your floors to make a recommendation concerning refinishing. Our team of professionals is able to breathe new life into your floors by sanding them down and refinishing them for a full transformation. What you may have believed was permanent damage like a scratch or a gouge can be eliminated with refinishing. In cases where refinishing is not a solution, we can complete repairs on your wood planks. Trust us to always remain honest in our recommendations of either refinishing or repair services.

Some of the most common repairs our professionals complete include the correction of worn spots, elimination of stains or odors, and correction of gaps in between planks. Before you cause damage to even more boards, it is best to schedule a repair service. What seems like a minor problem with one hardwood plank can easily turn into a major concern when ignored.

You make a smart choice if you decide to decorate with hardwood flooring. That's because they add value and wonderful character to any home. You'll create an overall warm and inviting feeling when you incorporate hardwood floors into your remodeling or renovation project.



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